Coastal Virginia Magazine's Giving Back Awards 2014, 2015, and 2016

Coastal Virginia Magazine recently revealed the winners for their annual
Giving Back Awards, and Mariah's organization, Blankets for the Homeless,
was recognized once again after being voted #1 in 2014.

The awards aim to highlight the real superheroes across Coastal Virginia that work tirelessly to address the needs of the community and the people in it. After a nomination period and a series of online voting rounds, Blankets for the Homeless was voted #2 in our region for the 2015 year. Special thanks to Coastal Virginia Magazine's publisher, Randy Thompson; editor and chief, Melissa Stewart; Creative Director, Dave Uhrin; Videographer, Chris Conway; and everyone who voted for Blankets for the Homeless in the 2014 Giving Back Awards. We are appreciative of all those who help spread the word and bring awareness to the community about the homeless. We also want to congratulate all of the other non-profits who work endlessly for their cause to make a positive impact.

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Once a homeless infant, she now serves the homeless in Jesus’ Name

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia (K-LOVE News) – Life did not start well for Mariah Smith. She was born on Christmas Eve 1993 and abandoned the same day. After time in foster care, Mariah was adopted by her foster mom at age two. Life started improving. Fast forward to 2010 when she witnessed something that made a tremendous and lasting impression. “I was at a Sonic with my mom, and saw a homeless man. And he was crouched down on the ground and had a little cart with him that he probably had everything he owned with him. I looked in the back seat and saw that we had a blanket, so I got out and gave him the food that we had ordered and the blanket and he immediately wrapped the blanket around himself and started eating. That night changed my life forever and it really opened my eyes.”